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October 2022

Students from the Amassian, Gondogdu, & O’Connor labs developed a set of activities in Optics, Robotics, and Greenhouse science for the Energy Expo at Marbles Kids Museum. You can’t be what you don’t know, and now these kids know more about our science!

Aug 2022

The Ade & Sun labs both hosted middle school girls as part of the LEAP (Launch Your Excellent Adventures with Physics) program held on campus. LEAP invited those who identify as girls or as non-binary genders, and also their allies, to join in exploring physics. Students got to practice lab techniques as part of their experience!

May 2022

Ryan Chiechi presented to the high school students attending SATELLITE camp May 14 – 18th. Making quantum chemistry accessible and understandable to students is how we work to build a pipeline of students in STEM.


April 2022
Many ORaCEL faculty and graduate students helped welcome 6th-12th grade students to campus for the NC Science Olympiad State Tournament. Several labs had hands-on demonstrations to show scientific concepts, while others helped the Sun lab with a sponsored trial event called Solar Power.

June 2021
The Catalyst Program targets high school students with disabilities that are in the occupational course of study or regular education setting in high school. The program allows students to have small group individualized instruction with hands-on STEM experiences. The Amassian group partnered with Catalyst’s summer 2021 camps to give the students a day of hands-on education with clean energy devices and fabrication. The day began with an overview of new sustainable greenhouse technology using solar energy to promote self-sustaining greenhouses. The students were then led on a lab tour of the Amassian lab and given demonstrations by current graduate students on the fabrication process of solar cells as well as the Amassian group’s efforts in the automation of device processing. SolarPack visited the students and gave a tour of their solar car built by graduate engineering students at NC State before heading to the competition the following day. This allowed students to see real research being conducted on NC State’s campus towards sustainability.  The day ended with students using the knowledge gained throughout the day to build their very own solar cars to race on the Centennial campus. Catalyst hopes to inspire students to continue to pursue their passions in STEM and the Amassian group is grateful to be a part of this effort in the NC State community.

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